(c) Stefan Pettersson - återpublicerad med tillstånd från rättighetsinnehavaren
(c) Stefan Pettersson – återpublicerad med tillstånd från rättighetsinnehavaren



Testar av lite galleri-lösningar.

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5 reaktion på “Bildgalleri”

  1. WASA 30
    Beautiful boat, where can I find one?
    It seems to me that Sweden is gifted with people who through their love of sea and sailing, know how to design boats that give a maximum of sailing experience, are very functional and are an amazing sight on the water. . . . . I do not want to miss this. . . .

    1. It’s a beautifully designed boat, isn’t it! A few has found their way to Germany. A bit more than a handful are sailing in Denmark and Norway. Most of the 30s are located in Sweden though. To find one, the Swedish ad site is usually the best bet. A normal season, approx 5-6 boats change owner, most/all of them during April-October.

  2. Thank you, Lyman,
    You have a great site, with a lot of intersting information and beautiful pictures. . . .
    Actually I am looking for a boat that can be sailed singlehanded and that is a pleasure to sail. Could you tell me the difference between Smaragd, Svea GT and Wasa30? Some say the Smaragd is a bit over sized. . . . Which one is most suitable for one person alone?
    Keep up the good work!
    See you. . . .Cheers,

    1. Quite different boats, though seemingly quite alike with their long and narrow hulls.

      The Wasa 30 is in all ways a much more ”modern” construction (in this context). Relatively light displacement, flat bottom and a deep fin-keel. I do occasionally sail our boat single handed and has even won one or two club regattas that way (not extremely competitive conditions but still 7-8 boats). Indeed possible with other words but skip the large genoa and go with a 110% jib or even a self tacker if you should sail it single handed.

      The Smaragd is basically a glass fiber R6 with rather long keel cord. Much more classic design and used to be a serious one design class (but not so much anymore). All boats are equipped with self tacking jib, which is great for single handed sailing of course.

      The Svea, I believe, was more or less solely sold as a half fabric. It’s and old (~ 1969) construction with a designer (Laurin) well known for his beautiful and classical designs. Indeed, the Svea is a beautiful boat, but at the same time almost long keeled with lot of wet surface – even compared to the Smaragd. It’s not exactly known for being over powered and the GT version would definitely be a wise choice even for single handed sailing.


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